Home Decor Ideas

Cutting clutter at home, can improve all aspects of your life.
Storage Solutions, give your drawer its own personality.
Have a theme for each drawer so they will stay organized thru chaos.

Follow these simple rules:
  • Get rid of what is broken and what doesn't belong.
  • Make small groups of things to create themes, such as electronics, office supplies, papers, arts & crafts...
  • Purchase drawer dividers so things stay in place.
  • Prioritize drawers by daily usage of items, example: top drawer most use.
Important tip, tools, lightbulbs, batteries, do not belong in drawer, these things have a place in the garage.

Conquer your MAIL!

Use these tips:
  • Make it a habit to recycle trash mail everyday.
  • Have a basket ready for daily mail so it won't get misplaced.
  • Choose a day of the week when you pay your bills and file right after.