Meet Us


It was love at first sight, both obsessed with decoration, organization and style. Julieta and Monica decided to start this company to show clients they can live a stress-free life by following simple rules. They both have worked with clients in their own countries plus New York and Miami. 

Julieta Techoueyres, grew up in Argentina. She graduated with Majors in Graphic Design and Advertising Design. Her passion for organization of over 10 years and love for creating an environment where each client can identify themselves, is extremely gratifying and important to her. Julieta loves art and nature. Her inspirations come from the beach and all the countries she has visited.

Monica Kennedy is originally from Spain. She graduated with a Major's degree in Business Administration. With a passion for fashion, she started her handbag business about 6 years ago. It quickly became an outsource of inspiration as a designer. Monica is extremely organized and loves collecting magazine clips for her special binder. Monica loves photography and reading. She has over 8 years of experience and appreciates when clients are satisfied with the results of a project.

Organizing your space / Simplifying your life